Červenec 2015


26. července 2015 v 20:36 | Vojta z blogu uajiii |  drobnosti
How would you compare it?
You have space or you don't have space.
There is something you will need.
Than you will build your system.
It's the largest application that we have at the moment.


19. července 2015 v 20:34 | Vojta z blogu uajiii |  drobnosti
Conclusions? It works!
It's such easy!
Of course it's complex problem.


I think nobody knows nothing.


12. července 2015 v 20:32 | Vojta z blogu uajiii |  drobnosti
What is going into chambers?
Most important problem is singularity.
There are lot of questions, lot of difficulties.
What do you need?
For expample solution.


5. července 2015 v 20:31 | Vojta z blogu uajiii
Fluids flow only in x-direction,
electric flows only in the z-direction.
In very simple conditions there are just simple explanations.
We can observe red lines and blue lines.
It's necessary to obtain total equation of continuity.