Srpen 2015


23. srpna 2015 v 19:50 | Vojta z blogu uajiii
You may have difficult situation and easy one.
At the end, you'll reach equilibrum.
This reaction is quite simple,
but there are few limitations and drawbacks of this process:
it can't accumulate alcohols.

Global market

16. srpna 2015 v 19:47 | Vojta z blogu uajiii
Something's really happening,
more than you expect.
The global market is expected to grow,
but some people want more and more.
Thanks God we have a brine.
Pressure will be retarded.

will be

We are just hydrophobic.


9. srpna 2015 v 19:41 | Vojta z blogu uajiii
We need much more air.
Much of these processes are automatized.
In literature is little data for that.
This is what I mentioned:
lower pressure is better to use to achieve better options.


2. srpna 2015 v 19:39 | Vojta z blogu uajiii |  drobnosti
You need the higher power density,
but one cell can product only few watts.
You can inhibit uninvited species.
There are two types of transport:
cooperative and vehicular transport.

The strategy is immobilisation concept.
This is very interesting to understanding the phenomena.
We have only few pathways.